Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekend Recap

My weekend recap is something I'm going to try to do every week. I didn't do much but I did have lots of fun!! Friday I went out with some people from work. One of our nurses is moving away and Thursday night was his last night at work. We started out the night by going to Fugiyama.
Amy & I trying to take a picture and this is what she decides to do! HA!That's much better!And here we are in the car on our way to Key West
Paige & I at Key West
We all had a very good time but I hadn't been out that late in a long time so I was very tired and ready to go home!!
On Saturday I had plans to go to Lacy & Jason's house to visit and have dinner with them and a friend of theirs. I was so happy to see them!! Madelyn is such a doll and so funny! She kept us all very entertained and dinner was great. I was so happy to get to visit with them and wish we got to do it more often. All of our schedules are busy so it's harder and harder to get together! Looking forward to getting together again soon! I didn't take any pictures the whole time I was there, I'm gonna have to remember to get my camera out of my purse next time!
Sunday was not so eventful! I don't mind though, it was nice to just lay around and relax. I watched several movies and cried watching every single one. I watched "The Blind Side", "The Guardian" and "A Walk to Remember". I'm sure I'm not the only one who's cried at these movies. I've watched the Blind Side a lot lately but I hadn't seen the other two in forever!! We talked about movies last night so that's what made me watch A Walk to Remember. Love that movie and book!!
Well, that would be my weekend! I'm really spoiled now that I have weekends off and it will probably be hard to get used to working them again once I start my new job. I'm definitely going to just keep enjoying them while I can!!