Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

I've been slackin' this week!!

Ok so Friday was a good day!!
-Walmart with the BFF
-Tanning bed
-More errands
-Some cleaning
-Date :)

Now the main event of the weekend!! The day started off kinda cloudy so I was nervous but it ended up being FABULOUS!!! Got up and started the day by talking to my BFF Niki and then got my stuff together for the events of the day. I made peanut butter cookies to take and some chips and dip. Had to go get a card (how I could have forgotten a card I have no idea!) and then headed out to Mike & Niki's. We went on to his Mom's house to swim and drink with friends and hang out till our dinner reservations at Wineaux's.

After the pool we went to get ready for dinner and going out afterwards. We had a blast swimming and having "diving board competitions"!! It was so fun and got some sun also! Then the 6 of us, myself, Mike & Niki, Eddy & Charlene and Runge left to go to Wineaux's. We met Chad & Brian & Beth down there for dinner. So good!!

Niki & I

The group at dinner

We then headed back into town to go out and of course had a blast. Then the night ended with a trip to Steak N Shake!!

Needless to say today has been a lazy day!! Here's to another fabulous week of summer!! Hope everyone elses weekend was just as great!