Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday night.......
One of the girls that works in the ER with me is leaving for another job so we had a little going away get together for her. We started out at Buffalo Wild Wings then went to a bar where there was karaoke! Here are some pictures from that night!

Lori and I

Paige's boyfriend Nathan and I

Nikki and I

Paige and I

Paige, Nikki, Amanda, Lori & myself

Saturday I slept in, cleaned up the apartment and got ready for work. It was my last time to work 3p-3a and I was so happy!! That shift is really hard for me, I definitely like my 7a-7p days much much better. It was a pretty good night so I was happy, pretty uneventful, yay!!
Sunday I got up, got ready, packed and headed home to Evansville. My friend Becca and her 2 little girls were home for the weekend while her hubby worked. I got to see her at another friends house to swim along with my friends Danielle & Jenny and my sister Lindsay (I thought that would make it just her name but who knows!) Yes, I'm still figuring out the fancy blog stuff, any help would be much appreciated!! We all hung out for a while and got to talk which was so great! I miss that time so much!! It's times like that I want to move back to Evansville. Bec had to get the girls home for dinner and stuff. Me, Lindsay and Danielle stayed and chatted for a while longer then we all headed home too. I was alseep on the couch by about 9:30!! I went on to bed and of course couldn't sleep so I layed there and watched TV for a while and thought about Kelley Jo, thank the Lord she is ok!!! Love that little girl to death and her momma too!! Of course, my mind was running with all kinds of things so I didn't fall asleep till almost 1! I wish I could just turn it off sometimes!!
So, that was my weekend! Hope everybody had a great one!! Hard to believe this is the last week of July already!



I'm over from Jenna's Journey's blog hop! Very cute blog :)



Over from Jenna's Journey
I cannot imagine a 3pm to 3am shift! How did you stay alert!


Thanks for stopping by and commenting girls!!! I'm trying to do the same!!
Janelle--yes, 3p to 3a is rough and I'm glad I'm done with it! I'm back to 7a-7p and very happy about that!!!