Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just for fun

1. Who was the first person you said I Love You to today? Nobody

2. Do you still talk to your first love? Yes

3. What was your first alcoholic drink? Vodka & orange juice

4. What was the first question asked to you today? Is that ok with you?

5. What was your first car? 1988 Honda Accord

6. Who was the first person to text you today? Nikki

7. Who is the first person you thought of today? Random people b/c of a random dream

8. Who was your first grade teacher? Mrs. Stern

9. Where did you go on your first airplane ride? Key West, FL

10. When you snuck out of your house for the first time, who was it with? Never snuck out

11. Who was your first best friend and are you still friends with them? Jennifer and Yes

12. Where was your first sleepover? I think at my aunt Jeana's

13. Who was the first person you talked to this morning? Nobody yet

14. Whose wedding were you in the first time? Uncle Tony & Aunt Sharon

15. What was the first thing you thought this morning? Wow, that was a wierd dream!

16. What was the first concert you ever went to? Kid Rock

17. First tattoo & piercing? No tattoo & ears when I was a little girl

18. First foreign country you went to? Never been out of the United States

19. Who was your first crush? Jason Young

20. When was your first detention? Never had detention

21. What was the first state you lived in? Indiana

22. Who was the first person to break your heart? No need to type his name



Stopping by from Jenna's Journey. Cute blog! My first car was a Honda too and I still drive it! :)


I am over from Jenna's blog & I am also a new grad RN! My dream job was in L&D, but I ended up in the OR and love it! Love your blog!


I found your blog from Jenna's link up. Fun questions! I may have to steal, I mean borrow. :)


Stopping by on the Blog Hop and I have to say, some things you mention in your blog remind me of myself! I also LOVE to eat yet never seem to cook and I am a firm believer in everything happening for a reason. I was having trouble at first figuring this blogging thing out and how to make my blog pretty too! LOL! I think I finally got the hang of it after reading several forums and asking several blogging friends. I love your blog!

Just A Mommy

Stopping by from Jenna's Journey... I hope you have a most fabulous week!!! Jami


Stopped by from Jenna's Journey! I am a nurse too...


That's a fun little survey! And I love your blog background! Have a fabulous week! Came from Jenna's.


Came from Jenna's blog. I love this little questionnaire. I'm stealing it for my blog!! :)

Jaime and Katie

I came from Jenna's Journey. Cute survey!