Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up


I drove to Evansville thursday night after work. I came home for the weekend b/c Lindsay got all her bridesmaids together and both mom's to go dress shopping Saturday. Friday I went with mom all day to do running with her. We ate lunch at Chick-fil-a! YUMMO!! I knew I would definitely be going by there this weekend!! After going to get groceries we went to Sonic. I got a vanilla Diet Coke and she got a chocolate milk shake!! We needed it and it was so HOT!! We got home then headed over to Michelle's to get the girls for Maddie's soccer game. I'm not a very good aunt, b/c I didn't take one single picture at her game....sorry! It was so hot in the beginning of the game and we faced right into the sun. By the end of the game it was really nice and the wind was actually cool.....can we say hello fall?!?!? It's coming, I know it!!


We have been looking forward to this day for a couple of weeks now!! I have over 70 pictures from that day but I didn't want to post any of her in any of the dresses! So I picked just some random ones, funny ones! We all had a really good time. We went to 2 places and then had lunch and went to one more shop. She is still waiting on a dress to get shipped to the first store, so there will be at least one more dress shopping day! She still isn't sold on a bridesmaid dress either (maybe b/c I'm a teeny bit picky) so hopefully that will be chosen soon as well. Everybody had to get back home or other activites that were going on that day so we all parted ways about 3 or so. My niece's came back to mom & Gerry's so Michelle could go to work. We layed around for the rest of the afternoon and watched movies and maybe took a little nap. Mom made pancakes and turkey bacon for supper then the girls & I played cards. I'm pretty sure they were both asleep when Michelle came to get them.

Danielle & I

Funny!!! Michelle & I

The Beautiful bride Lindsay (in black) & Tonya
I slept in!! YAY!! I started my laundry that I brought home with me then went out to wash my car. It was hot out there, but I was hoping to get some sun too! I think I need lessons on how to wash my seems to still look dirty when I look at it in certain light, I'm kind of obsessive about it! After that I tried to lay out and that lasted about 30 minutes, I was sweating like crazy!! I needed a pool! I needed to run to Michael's to get paper for some baby invitations I was making for a friend of mine who's shower is coming up in September. I came home, finished my laundry, Kelsey and Maddie were there so I sat down in the living room with them and realized that One Tree Hill was on.....for 4 hours straight!! Needless to say, we watched all 4 hours of it (except for the last 30 minutes of the 4th episode b/c mom made meatloaf and dinner was ready so TV off!) Lindsay got there a little after dinner was over. We were all playing Apples to Apples, Mom won. Lindsay & I took the girls home so they could get showers and be in bed at a decent time for school. Michelle got home a little after 9 and the 3 of us talked and looked at dress pictures from Saturday. I love spending time with my sisters!!
(I know monday isn't part of the regular weekend but it is for me)
Got up and got ready, packed up my car and headed back to So Ill. I went by Kathleen's bridal in Harrisburg and found a bridesmaid dress that we're gonna check out! YAY!! I had a dentist appointment then came home and got caught up on some stuff. I went to the gym and read some more from one of my NCLEX study books then came home and took a practice test. Exactly one week from right now it will be all behind me and I hope I'm feeling good about it!! It's definitely crunch time now!! I finished the last dvd in the 2nd season of Nip/Tuck and while I was working on the baby shower invites I had the movie "Adam" on. It was a good movie!! Now I need to get off here and get ready for my work week!
Hope everyone has a great week!!
P.S. I'm up to 5 followers!! YAY!!