Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Another weekend gone......another month ended.....can't believe it's already August!!

I already blogged about Friday so this will just be Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday I went to a jewelry party at Brooke's and took some of these adorable pictures!! It was a great time catching up with some friends that I don't get to see often enough!

Brooke & I


Kelley Jo wanting my camera

After Kelley Jo and I took this picture she figured out how to do it and was going around taking pictures (very close up pictures) of herself and anybody else that would pose for her! Too cute!!

Wanting my camera again....look at that sweet smile!!
Sunday started off great!! I went to church, to my church, the church that I joined with someone I thought I was going to marry. We joined together and since the day I left him I hadn't been back. He told me how he was going back and blah blah blah (he stopped going with me long before I left). I don't know why I even thought he was telling me the truth. So after I read one of the posts on Kelly it really made me think about my reasons for not going to church. Anyway, I decided I could go back because I wanted to! I had been gone for a long time and I was happy to be back.
As for the rest of the day, not so good.......of course I got a headache (surprise, surprise). I would rather have one today then the next 4 days at work but I still had a lot of stuff to do today even though. I got all of them done.......although the house cleaning part was a quick job! I'll have to do better next weekend!!
Hope everyone has a great week!!