Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up (a little late)

I know, I'm super late on posting this weekends post but I've been busy....more on that tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed for good news but highly doubting that's what I'm gonna get. So Friday I had a busy day! My friend Laryssa sent me a message asking me what my day looked like because she had the feeling she was going to become a new momma today and I was very excited for her!! So, it was the gym, then errands and lunch with Niki, then ran by the hospital to see Laryssa and then to work for an extra shift I picked up. I brought sugar cookies (made by Niki) to work and they were a huge hit....of course I knew they would be! I was getting text messages the entire time keeping me updated on Laryssa. I was scheduled to get off at 9 and was really hoping I would make it to the hospital before she had her but that didn't happen. I got there not too long after though and finally got to meet this beautiful little girl below!!
Tenley Brooke Allen 7lbs 6oz, 19 in born at 8:33p.m.

She was so bright eyed!

A little too close for her maybe, I mean she was only about an hour old!!
So on Saturday, I got up very early to go work at KB's. It was nice to work at the restaurant again and I got to see a lot of customers. After that, I went by my hair salon for their open house and got a few free goodies! I came home to try to lay down for a bit and take a nap before studying a little but that didn't really happen. Most of the day was gone by now....I decided I needed to go see baby Tenley again. I texted Laryssa and went up there and visited with them for a while and cuddled Tenley. I went to pick up some food for them and brought it back. I definitely stayed way longer than I should but how can you leave this precious little face!!

She looks so long!

She knew I was leaving and she was sad!

Sunday, I got up and went to church then came home to do more test questions. That evening I was invited over to Brooke's house for a wienie roast and smores. Unfortunately, it came a down pour and we ended up with hot dogs cooked on the stove and smores made in the oven with the broiler. We still had a blast and ate too much!! No pictures were taken......except for the ones Kelley Jo took with my camera, mostly grass and her fingers!

I'm ready for a change and hopefully that will come tomorrow......I'll post the news then.



I somehow came across your website and instantly noticed that your daughter and my daugher have the EXACT same full name.. how crazy is that!!! But your little Tenley Brooke is gorgeous and sooo precious!! Hope yall are doing wonderful and enjoying every second with Tenley cause I have learned lately time just keeps going faster faster and faster..