Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up


Even though I was very, very sleepy I got up and headed to the gym for 9am body pump. I'm glad I did, even if it kicked my booty! Came home and got cleaned up then met my friend Niki for lunch at Don Sol (one of our favorites!) and then headed out with her to finish up her errands for the day. It was so HOT that day, we had the A/C on full blast every time we got in the car! Her husband had a ticket to go to the Cards/Cubs game that night and her boys were going to the fair with their grandpa so she was going to be home alone.....we took that as a good chance to rent chick flicks and scary movies since it was gonna be just girls for the night! So, after her husband left for the game and the boys were picked up we decided what we were gonna do for and candy! Haha!! We watched Shutter Island, Remember Me & Date Night.

Shutter Island was different but a decent movie with a surprising ending, Remember Me was a good movie with a surprising ending and Date Night was HILARIOUS!!!! It was so much fun to just hang out and talk (even during the movie and not get in trouble!) Thanks Niki for a super fun day!! (I finally sent you the link to this, so I know you're reading it.....become a follower and then make your own!!)


Slept pretty great last night (YAY)!! I got up and watched the rest of Nip/Tuck season 2 because I am ready to send it back and get what's next on my list One Tree Hill season 7! I love love love that show and I am so excited to get that season!! I've bought the first 5 seasons and will definitely be buying the 6th and 7th seasons once they don't cost $44.99! I know they'll probably go on sale before Christmas so I will either buy them or put them on my Christmas list! I knew that I was going to be hanging out with my friend Brooke for the day. So I showered and put on my bathing suit and left for her house. She was canning tomatoes so I helped her finish that up and then we got in the pool with the kids for a little bit, had some snacks and played in the pool some more. It was already afternoon when we got out there so my hopes of getting some sun didn't happen. All well, we had fun!! We came in and she made dinner and after we stuffed ourselves we decided we wanted sugar cookies topped with her famous chocolate icing! HA!! So yummy!! She sent the leftovers from dinner home with me and some of the cookies too.

You think she liked it?
She evidently needed a bath after that so I gave her a bath and got her ready for bed. This little girl has a lot of energy and WORE ME OUT that day!! I looked at her mom and was like "isn't it close to bedtime yet?" HAHAHAHA!!! She thought that was so funny! What am I gonna do when I finally have kids of my own? So after she put the kids to bed we watched a movie on lifetime....I was asleep in the first 1/2 hour I think! It was a great day!! Thanks Brooke!!
I was awake at 3am or so because of a storm coming in! We needed the rain I guess but it made it even more humid outside than what it already was! I just lounged around for most of the morning and then made myself a sandwich for lunch and cleaned my bathroom. It's so gross how dirty a bathroom gets with make-up, hair and hairspray! I knew I was gonna have to study when I got home from the shower so I watched a movie and then got ready for a baby shower for my friend Laryssa!

Laryssa, Brooke, Brenda & Susan

Brooke said I had to do "the pose"

Laryssa & I

The shower was so much fun. She got lots of stuff for baby Tenley and Brooke did a great job on the food and decorations! I had to run some errands on the way home so I left not to long after she opened gifts. I got home and did a practice test and now I'm doing this. I really need to get off my butt and wash the dishes that are in the sink, iron and pack my bag for work tomorrow.....of course after I get caught up on everyone elses weekend post!

OH....I know last weekend I posted that I would be dress shopping with my sister for her wedding dress but I made a's this coming weekend! So next weekends post will be all about that I'm sure!!

Have a great week all!!