Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up


It was Marion High School Homecoming this weekend so I got up and got ready and headed to the restaurant to meet Laryssa & Tenley to eat and go to the parade.

Tenley & I before the parade

Megan, the most beautiful Junior attendant!

Miss Tenley Brooke
After the parade I ran to Maurice's hoping to find some jeans on the clearance rack but no such luck.  I had some other errands to run so I did that then finally got home and did some laundry.  Later on, I met Laryssa at the restaurant again so we could go to the football game.  IT WAS FREEZING!!  It was a pretty good game and they won so now they're 8-0!!  Andrea's {see picture below :)} dad is the coach and he got an award for most winningest coach and the team also got a trophy for winning the conference!! 

Andrea & I after the game


Deana & I headed over to Lindsay's house to help her make pumpkin cake balls for her sons 1st Birthday.  They turned out so so so cute!!!

After that we headed to the SIU ball game.  Sadly, no pictures of the game because I left my camera at Lindsay's house and then I didn't take any pictures at the birthday party either.  It was a fun day!! 


It was church and then an engagement party on the agenda today, along with the gym, making chili, putting away laundry, studying and picking up.  One of the cutest couples I know got engaged a couple of weeks ago and today was there engagement party. 

Andrea & Dustin

Laryssa, Andi, Me & Lacee

The bride, bridesmaids and flower girl

She's got the pose down pat!!

Michelle, Dustin, Andi & Kevin

Kevin & Michelle are Dustin's parents.  They own the restaurant that I worked for all through nursing school and a little before and I still fill in now when needed.  It was a beautiful day and surprisingly very hot for October!  After the party, I headed home to change clothes and went to the gym.  I'm going to try really hard to get the gym back into my routine again.  Then studying, that is my #1 priority right now!!!  Keep praying people, I'm gonna do it this time!!