Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

I stayed home all day (surprising, I know) and then went to pick Tucker up from school and take him home.  Brooke and I had plans to go to Paducah to shop so I got him and she picked Kelley Jo up and we met back at their house to get ready.  I got to give Kelley Jo her bath and get her dressed and ready to go.  She's like my little baby doll sometimes!! 
We finally got on the road and talked the whole way there of course!  We knew where our first stop would be...
Chick-fil-A!!  An actual restaurant was just built recently and we were so excited to go!!  They've had one in the mall for a long time and of course it's still there.  This was the kid's first time to eat there and they both loved it!  After that we went to Old Navy.  They had a few good deals and then when we went to check out you got an extra 20% off if you let out a big I did but had to do it a 2nd time because the 2 guys that were working the register said the 1st one wasn't good enough!  Anything to same a little bit of money!  We then went to the mall and the only thing I bought there was dippin' dots and a bottle of water!  We were a pretty tired bunch once we got back in the car.  Tucker was all cuddled up with his blanket and watching a movie and Kelley Jo was out in no time!

I stayed home pretty much all day today as well until I went to my catering job.  This wedding was beautiful and very "fall"ish (good word huh?)

I got home pretty early so I did some more NCLEX questions.  Pretty exciting Saturday night huh?  All well, it will be worth it after Wednesday. 

I went to church this morning and found out about a brunch that they are holding next Saturday for the women.  Deana said she heard about it last Sunday, so we are going to go.  I'm hoping to get to meet some more people.  The rest of the day I spent cleaning up, doing dishes, making potato soup for the week, ironing and doing 100's on NCLEX questions.  I'm looking forward to good news this week.  I would appreciate prayers for when I take boards Wednesday.  I evidently have major test anxiety and I don't want it to get the best of me when I go to take the test again so if you could fit me into your prayers I would appreciate it!!  Hope everybody has a great week!!