Wednesday, October 13, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge Days 1, 2 & 3

I saw this on my friend Tammy's blog and decided it would be fun to do as well!!  Join with us if you want.

Katie's 30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 1: introduce, recent picture, and 15 interesting facts
My name is Krystal.  I'm a twenty something year old daughter, sister, granddaughter, aunt, niece, friend & nurse.
1.  I have 2 degrees.
2.  I went to Catholic school for 8 years.
3.  I was a cheerleader for 7 years, and that never surprises anybody!!
4.  The first car I bought myself was a mustang & that was just a couple of months ago.
5.  I have 3 sisters.
6.  I match my phone cover to my outfit I wear.
7.  I have an obsession with shoes.
8.  My hands are usually always cold.
9.  I don't have very good luck.

10.I always play on my computer while watching tv.
11.I can't drink milk unless it has ice in it (even in my cereal).
12.Coach purses are my favorite!
13.Pizza is my favorite food, then sushi!
14.I moved to IL not knowing that I would still be here 6 years later.
15.My dream job is to be a labor and delivery nurse.

Day 2: Meaning Behind Your Blog Name
It's just my name.  I have been trying to think of something to name it but have yet to come up with something fabulous!!  I'll eventually think of something!

Day 3: Your First Love
Chad.  All of you who know me who read this blog know who Chad is.  I am very, very lucky that he is still a very good friend to me.  He is always there everytime I call when I need him, even if it is a stupid question (he'll laugh, that's for sure) he will always give me an answer.  I could type paragraph after paragraph about Chad but I won't, everybody knows our story.

Tomorrow will be Day 4 - Your Parents