Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

I've been having these horrible dreams (well for 2 or 3 nights now) that I have these gigantic spiders in my apartment and I can't get up enough nerve to kill them!  I wake up terrified and just pray that I don't have any spiders in here.  It freaks me out so bad and takes me forever to go back to sleep.  So anyway, Friday was one of those mornings.  I got up around 7:30 and got ready so I could drop my car off to get the oil changed.  My friend Lori let me borrow her car to go to my hair appointment and then I ran to Carbondale mall to do a little shopping.  I knew I wanted to go to Old Navy and I had a free panty from VS that I wanted to get.  Old Navy was still having some good sales on their cotton shirts so I got several of those for this fall and winter to wear under things.  I went into American Eagle after that and checked out their sale racks and found a cute little grey t-shirt for $10.  I had gone to Target a couple of nights ago because there was a cardigan sweater there that I had seen and wanted to see if they still had any left and they did.....and they were already on clearance.  I got it for $12!!  I was pretty excited about that one!  I headed back to KB's to give Lori her car back and pick mine up.  I hung out at the restaurant for a while and visited then went to get my car.  I came home and cleaned and straightened up some then got ready for my date. 

Woke up pretty early again because of the horrible dreams but was able to go back to sleep till about 8:45.  I went ahead and did some laundry and made something to eat for breakfast then got ready to go to the game.  It was SIU homecoming and Murray State homecoming.  I didn't got to MSU's game but I did get to go to the SIU game and it was so much fun!!  Check out these little cuties I got to hang out with the whole time...

WE WON!!  In overtime!!
Ok, so you know all those commercials with Chad from Alltel, well he was at the SIU game and if you look real close at these next 3 pictures you will see a guy in a blue button up shirt standing on the podium...well that's him!  I would have a lot better pictures if I ever get to buy my new camera!!

After the game Deana's mom was having a birthday party because her birthday was on 10-10-10 this year.  I hung out with she & Elly there for a little bit then headed home.  I was so tired and knew that I would be getting up early the next day for the zoo.

Got up super early and headed to St. Louis zoo.  It was a HOT day, it definitely did not feel like October!!  I had never been to this zoo before and was surprised to see how big it was.  It was a very nice zoo but I only have the Evansville zoo to compare it to!

  This weekend FLEW by!!!  I'm ready for the weather to cool off and start to feel like fall!  I also need to get back into studying regularly again for boards.  I will be taking them again soon!!  Hope everybody has a great week!