Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

I didn't have many plans for today but it ended up being a full day!!  I met Brooke & the kids for breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  So good!  I headed over the Walmart and shopped around waiting for Niki to get there.  I was in the shoes and saw Brooke & the kids there!  (Have ya'll looked at the shoes there??  I bought 2 of the cutest pair of flats for $12 & $14!  What a deal huh??)  I shopped around with them for a while.  Niki & Dawson got there so I shopped with her and good thing I did because she filled my cart up too!!  After that I headed home and went to wash dishes and realized I didn't have any hot water.  I took a shower in the morning and had hot water so I was a little surprised.  I figured it was just the pilot light.  Brooke & I had made plans to go see a movie that night.  She came & got me around 5:30 and we headed to Applebee's.  Neither one of us was very hungry so we decided to split the appetizer sampler and have a drink!!
Their perfect margarita is my favorite!!
We then went to see this movie

And we loved it!!!  We laughed and laughed and cried and cried!!  Yes, it was a chick flick and rather predictable but we didn't care!!  I'll probably buy it!!  Brooke dropped me off at home and I went to meet some friends that were out.  I stayed out way to late considering I had to be at work at 5am on Saturday.

I got up knowing I didn't have hot water so I ran water through my coffee pot and washed my hair and face in the sink.  Not fun!!  I called my landlord at 4:20 and left a message.  I worked at the restaurant from 5 till about 1:30.  We weren't very busy but I made a decent amount of money anyway.  Some of the girls at work were talking about these hair extentions that they wore and I decided that I needed some.  I went to Sally Beauty Supply to buy them but ended up not getting them b/c I would have to take them to my hair dresser to have her highlight &/or dye them to match my hair and cut them.  I go back in the middle of December so I might get them before that appointment.  I then went to Walmart and bought those cute shoes I saw yesterday.  I then headed to Deana's so I could take a shower and get ready to go cater a wedding.  The wedding was so beautiful and of course the food & cake were wonderful!!

I cater for my best friends mom.  She is called "The Cake Lady" and she also does catering so she "hires" us to help her with weddings and such.  I love doing it!  It's always so much fun and we always get to eat the fabulous food and cake.  This time the bride and groom just happened to be friends of ours so after we were done catering we changed our clothes and hung out and did a little bit of dancing!  Congrats Kristin & Justin!!

Still no hot water so I called & left another message.  Yesterday before work I had pulled everything out of the storage closet that the water heater is in so I went through all of it and found a lot of trash and was able to get rid of 3 boxes.  I still have a few more to go through so hopefully I can do that tomorrow.  I've felt like crap pretty much all day because of this darn cold I've got.  I'm gonna sleep with vicks on my feet tonight and see if that helps (Thanks Deana!!)  I went over to her house again today so I could take a shower and got to hang out there and watch satellite then eat dinner with them.  She made white chili!  It was so good and I finally wrote down her recipe for it.   They carved pumpkins earlier in the afternoon so she took them outside and got some cute pictures of Elly in front of them.  Mine, not so great...and I'm so ready to get a new camera!!

Even though my pictures aren't very good, she is still the cutest!!