Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Woke up early this morning.  I guess I'm used to getting up early for work everyday and that is not fun.  I hung around the house and watched a lot of One Tree Hill....I love that show!!  I watched Grey's Anatomy too.  It was a TV kinda day I guess.  I then met Lindsay at her work to go with her to see the 2 wedding dresses she is trying to choose between and I think she has finally picked it!!  YAY!!  Then we went to another shop so I could try on the bridesmaid dress she picked.  It's going to be great!!  Check out this picture ....

  How hot is this??

That is definitely not the dress but it is the color.  I about died when I put this dress on, it is so so short and feels even shorter because of that ruffle!  I really do like the color though!  After that I headed back to my parents house and got ready to meet some friends for dinner.  I met them at Lori's house so we could all ride together.  We ate at Chili's and I got the grilled chicken sandwich with honey mustard dressing.....YUM!!  We talked for a long time there and then headed home.  When I got home my sister and her husband and my nephew were there for the weekend.  My nephew was so cute!!!  He was wound up and wanted me to go upstairs with him.  He looked at me and tilted his head and said "come on"....the cutest thing!  He finally went to bed so so did the rest of us.  I watched some more One Tree Hill because, let's face it....I'm addicted!! 

I woke up way to early this morning because a certain little boy is a little bit of a morning person!!  Mom was making brunch and we had that at about 10:00.  Michelle and the girls came over after Maddie's first soccer game of the day and Lindsay & Ty made it a little after 10 to eat also. 
Blurry but so cute!  Nate & Maddie

Again....posing....we can't help it, we love to pose and take funny pictures!!

Michelle and Kelsey had already left to go to her soccer game. Of course, right when we go to leave it starts raining. It rained the whole game and was freezing cold on top of it. I felt sorry for the girls out there, they were slippin' and slidin' all over that field and when Kelsey got pushed down I about ran out on the field and pushed the other girl back. Luckily, the ref called it! I'm a little protective, I can't help it!

After we all froze to death at the game, we went to visit Gerry's sister at the hospital while she is recovering from surgery.  We didn't go to Maddie's second game because of the rain and we were all wet and cold.  We came home and Kelsey & I helped mom make these..... 
Pretty nice huh??  Of course they're only about a quarter of the way done but at least they are put together!!  We're making progress Linds!!  I kinda also got Kelsey a little addicted to One Tree Hill as well....she pretty much loves it!! 

I got to sleep in the bed in Lindsay's old room so I slept great and slept in a little bit!  I didn't do much today except watch the first 3 episodes of this season of One Tree Hill.  Kelsey and Maddie came over right before I left while Michelle worked.  I headed home around 4 so I didn't have to drive in the dark.  I'm really paranoid about hitting a deer so I try to avoid driving long distances in the dark.  I got home and made potato soup so I would have lunch already made for this week.  I love fall but I'm not ready for this winter weather.  I already put my flannel sheets and my winter blanket on my bed and have to use my little plug in heater in the bathroom when I get ready in the mornings.  Although I love flannel sheets so I'm also kinda glad I'm already getting to use them, and they're pretty :)  Well, my work week is already half way over and I'm looking forward to the weekend....sounds like I've got some pretty good plans for it!!