Thursday, March 29, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up (on a Thursday)

So I am super late on posting this but when I work all weekend between both jobs there just isn't any time!!
I only got a few hours of sleep the night before but I had to get up early and get going so I could be at the hospital at 5AM!!  I'm a Service Excellence Advisor at work and we put on presentations for employees a the hospital to promote patient care.  It's a how-to of sorts and everybody dreads coming to these presentations.  We knew that going in to this presentation and wanted to do everything we could to make it fun and entertaining.  I'm pretty sure we succeeded!!!

We did the theme "Bridesmaids" based on the movie.  We did a cheesy wedding reception setup.  We got lots of compliments and good reviews.  We're hoping to be voted the best by the end of the quarter.  We started our first presentation at 7am and our 6th presentation was at 4pm.  We were exhausted by the end!  After we got everything all cleaned and packed away I left and headed to Niki's house to watch the IU/Kentucky game.  I'm an IU fan and Niki's youngest son Dawson decided he wants to be a Kentucky fan because his best friend is.  He had a little surprise for me when I got there!
His best friends Mom brought him this shirt to wear!
HA!!  Love that little boy!!
I slept most of the day because of getting up so early yesterday after not getting much sleep.  I went to the gym and then came home to get ready for work.  Worked.

Once again, I slept all day and then got up and got ready for work.  Worked.