Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

I woke up enough time to get out of bed, shower and get to an appointment on time!!  I came home and did a few things around the house but didn't have any plans for the night.  I ended up just making me some dinner and hung out at home.

I wanted to sleep in because I was scheduled to work that night. I ended up getting up around noon and finally made myself a "Green Monster" smoothie.  I followed this recipe pretty closely.  I thought it had a good taste but the texture is what I didn't really like.  It was frothy....I want it to be more dense, I'm assuming yogurt instead of milk would probably do that for me and that's what I'm gonna try next. 
So after I drank most of that I took my self to the gym!  I did 3 miles, although I only ran a little under 2.  I'll get there eventually.  After that, I ran by walmart to get a few things before I worked my 4 day stretch.  Of course, the place was packed and I ran into way too many people....looking fabulous might I add since I just left the gym!!  And, why on earth would the heat have been on at the gym yesterday, I was burning up before I even started running!!  As I left, the girl that was working and checking in people had a jacket on...I'm sure she was in charge of the heat that day!!  
I came home and was waiting to find out if I got standby or not.  I wanted to go eat with some friends so I took standby.  We got to eat and I got called in right after.  I went in for 1 baby and then got to leave in about 3 hours.  I was glad because I was so tired.  I came home and read a little bit of Catching Fire but ended up falling asleep. 

Oh time change, it messes you up no matter what!  I know driving to work tonight when it's still light outside is going to be hard.  All I have to do is work these 3 nights and then I'm off for the rest of the week to enjoy this beautiful weather we're going to have!  Well, there is quite a bit of a chance for rain but it's supposed to be in the 70's everyday!!!  I am so ready for warm weather, open windows and no furnace!!
Hope everybody had a great weekend!!

**Hello to all my new followers!!!  So excited you're here!!**



just read your last three blogs and I feel like we are soul sisters! I am OBSESSED with army wives, one tree hill, and Carrie Underwood! Just wanted to stop by and say hey:)! I'm new to blogging! Have a great week!!

Claire @ Blue-Eyed Blonde


Sounds like you had a great weekend! I've been wanting to try a green monster but haven't made it a priority yet. Keep us posted if yogurt gives a better texture!


I wanna try the green monster smoothie! I agree though.. I'd want it to be less frothy. Time change totally messes me up every year, too... Monday morning is gonna be rough...