Saturday, March 31, 2012

March....already over??

It's the last day of March already??  Can anybody else tell me where this month went??  I realize I've been busy but I'm just shocked this year is a quarter of the way over with already. 

It also means June is 3 months closer!  Exciting because, hopefully, I will be braces-free!!  Scary because I will be turning another year older.....EEEKKK!!  I keep telling myself it's going to be ok, that it's just a number.  I believe it one day and freak the other!

Summer time is also closer, even thought the weather has been close to summer weather for around a month now.  I love love LOVE summer!  Because of my birthday of course!  See, excited "it's going to be fine" attitude right now!

I am definitely in need of a v.a.c.a.y. and it will be here so soon!!  I counted my bathing suits tonight, you know, I need to start packing now even though I'm still a few weeks form leaving and I have 12!!  Who in the world needs 12 bathing suits!!  Especially this girl, who is no where near bathing suit ready!?!  I did GREAT this week on watching what I ate and running....until tonight....I went to my BFF and her brother and his family had a cookout.  I went with them and they grilled yummy brauts, hot dogs, hamburgers and all kinds of good sides.  And the best part of the whole night was when her Mom said "I brought ECLAIR's in the house!!!"  Seriously, the most yummy dessert I had all week....probably because it's the only dessert I had all week!! 

I'll be back on track tomorrow when I go back to work....and get to the grocery to stock back up on some healthy stuff!!  I am loving the EAS advantage shakes and chobani pineapple greek yogurt!

Well, I hope everybody had a great last day of March!!  I'll be back tomorrow with my weekend wrap-up!